Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ahhhhh Spring Time!!

Blue skies! Mornings full of birds so excited with the prospect of the day that they sing before the sun even peeks over the trees. The world becomes green. And yellow, and red, and pink, and purple! Daffodils and crocus welcome us to a new season of life renewing itself.

And I start making plans. Windows must be washed, the garage swept out, rugs washed and hung out to dry. Sure, they sound like chores, more work to be done after a day of work for someone else. But to me they are the little things that make me look forward to this time of year. Time to open the windows wide and let the lace blow in the breeze! To put the bed linens out to dry crisp and fresh in the sunlight! How I would hate to live in one of those new communities where you can’t hang out a line of wash – to me it means home.

I’ll pull out my sewing projects now. Motivated by the beautiful magazines full of bright sunny homes on the cover, all with snappy white slip covers and vases full of peonies. It’s time to get busy like the bees, buzzing around and turning the warm cozy cave of winter into a happy home full of sunshine and smiles.

And this year I look to spring with the extra excitement of a new life. Love has come to me, bright and happy and exciting as the daffodils. Hope has turned to bliss. Fear has turned to contentment. Sadness has turned to joy. Again, life renews itself. This spring I will look forward with a new hope. Not one of despair and wondering, but a hope which sustains me and moves me toward the future. To a future where, perhaps one day, I’ll have a little girl of my own to share the spring with. A little one to share my wonder at the amazing way life renews itself year after year. And toward life with the man whom I know will fulfill and complete me. The one who has come with me to this new place – this springtime of our life together, where we make plans and look to the future. No longer looking alone we now look with the same eyes to a common place.

This time next year we will be counting the days to our wedding. A spring wedding! How perfectly fitting I think. When the rest of the world will be renewing itself, yet again, in its never ending succession, we will be starting our life together as a new creation in Christ.

And so we will make plans. And in between now, and the last spring time of our lives, I will press the petals of these days between the pages of my heart to remember them always. The sweetness of springtime. Full of bright promise, crisp linen, vases of peonies, and love. It’s what I live for.


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