Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A good time to die

Is there ever a “good” time to die? There has been some discussion regarding the timing of the death of John Paul II, and how mourning has drawn us away from the joy of Eastertide. But I think his death is well timed actually, if viewed from the right perspective. I believe God called him home this first week of Easter for a very specific purpose: To show us, again, the gift of the Resurrection.

Last night my Church held a special Mass for the Pope. As I approached the Church, from almost a mile away, I could see the bunting – massive slices of it – flapping in the warm spring breeze down the sides of the Resurrection Tower of the building. It took my breath away. Inside, I found more bunting. But inside and out, there remained the promise of Easter. Peeking out from behind the black, where wider swaths of gold and white. Waiting for the day of a new pope – giving us hope and promise that soon the black will be removed and the white and gold of a new beginning will be revealed to us.

The Church was filled with white Easter lilies, blooming just as brightly and splendidly as they were last week, reaching up to the blackness that drapes the enormous expanse of the inner vaulted space of the sanctuary. Reaching for the white and gold, hiding behind the black. Reaching, as we all are, in hope and expectancy of what is to come.

Isn’t this what Easter is all about?


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