Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Reflections on the Eucharist...from a message board post


Last night, while saying my evening prayers, this discussion was on my mind. I nearly went down stairs to post this, but decided to sleep on it and post this morning.

We have all agreed and established that our God loves us. He loves us so much that he sent us His son. What did we do? We nailed Him to a cross. He could have stopped it, he didn’t. He chose to die for our sins.

This Son, who loves us so very much, in spite of what we did to Him, left us with something. He did not leave us with only our faith, or a church, or something to believe in. He left us HIMSELF! In the Holy Sacrifice of the mass, Christ comes to us again. Not as a symbol of what he once was, not as a reminder of a meal a long time ago. Christ gives Himself to us, in a most intimate and personal way. I don’t mean to be vulgar in any sense with this, but what is more intimate, and personal than taking another to your lips? We are a physical people, and Christ knows this from His own experience. He knows we need more than just a saltine cracker, we need Him! And what a wonderful and amazing gift this is to us! To receive Christ in the Eucharist is for me an amazing and indescribable experience. Because I know He is there.

Christ performed miracles, they are noted throughout the Bible. He raised Lazarus from the dead. He healed wounds, blindness, etc. These are never disputed. He raised Himself from the dead! By Christians, this is not disputed. So if He can do these things, why can’t He come to us – Body/Blood/Soul/Divinity – in the sacred sacrifice of the mass? Why is it so easy to accept everything else He did, but not his one thing? Is it because of interpretation of Scripture? He said – “this is my body” – “whoever eats my body and drinks my blood” – why are these words not as clear as others spoken by Him in the Bible? Is it because they are just too wild to believe, that a Man would say such outlandish things?! Surely He did not mean – really eat him? Or did He? I believe He did.

Now granted, I’m Catholic. But I’m not this way because it’s what I was told to believe. I chose this because it just makes so much sense to me. There is much I can’t articulate or explain, but I know in my heart to be true. I guess that’s why we call it faith.

Ok – that’s off my chest. I feel better now. I don’t expect you to agree, I just hope to shed some additional light on why I feel as strongly as I do and how I come to my personal understanding of this miracle of faith.


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