Wednesday, April 20, 2005

To Adam's Kin


Goddesses and Knights in love and in loss
He writes with the pureness of a heart aged with years he has not lived

A man so manly he could never understand
The heart of a poet soft yet strong, a spirit of song and light

A love so surreal in it’s depth, breadth, height
A love that was so beyond it was only “this” and nothing more

A friend, a lover who never truly loved
Choosing second best and wasting life

Teacher Lover Poet Dreamer Cheater
Sadness so deep to drown who only wants to save and be loved

And he who gave life and loves blindly
Beauty and perfection is all he sees through love tainted eyes

God’s gift I am to be as Woman of his rib
But where is that breast to which I belong?

Come to me – be one with me
Find me, I wait for you!

Fire in my soul, love in my heart for you
I wait in patient pining for His will to be done

Do you live in this life or the next?
Must I wait till judgment to see the twin of my soul?

Patience is my name and so the Father spoke
Wait…and I will be with you
Wait…and I will hold your hand
Wait…and I will be with you
Wait…and he will come…

…and in your wait you are not alone.


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